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What is SAMI combat systems®?

SAMI Combat Systems and is the umbrella term used to describe the collection of individual combat systems (or SAMICS Concepts) developed by Peter Weckauf and the SAMI Institute.

All SAMICS Concepts are structured into a modular level system. Generally this consists of Levels 1-6 for students with Level 6 being a “black belt” and a corresponding instructor grading from Levels 1-12 with Level 12 being a “Head Instructor”.

While all SAMICS Concepts share an underlying structure and didactic methodology and many training ideas are common to all training schedules each system has its own specific elements unique to itself.

Where can I train a sami concept?

SAMICS Concepts are instructed in around 40 countries by certified and affiliated SAMICS instructors, training centers and training academies.

We also offer extensive self-learning options for anyone with an internet connection through our SAMI-X Online Training platform.

From the Founders

Peter Weckauf & Irmi Weckauf-Hanzal started SAMI Combat Systems with the vision of making the world fitter and safer.

"As head and founder of SAMI Combat Systems (SAMICS) I can look back at over 40 years of experience and extensive knowledge on the subject of self-defense and martial arts. My love and passion for martial arts inspires me to make our SAMI concepts available for as many people as possible, all around the world."

— Peter Weckauf

Founder, SAMI Combat Systems®

SAMI Headquarters Vienna

If you want to join one of our seminars in Vienna, just contact us below or visit our Austrian website: sami.at

Frömmlgasse 31
1200 Vienna

Email: office@sami.at
Tel. +43-664-532 18 54

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