SAMI Axe Fighting Concept

Our new online axe fighting instructor course with Peter Weckauf

Be a Viking! Proud and Strong! Step into a completly new world of this ancient fighting Spirit!

What you get

Be one of the first to handle an Axe like a Viking under Peter Weckauf! More and more people want to experience the secret of this fighting art.

Over 4+ hours Runtime

140 lessons with the best techniques, suitable for both beginners and advanced students

Learn Anytime, everywhere

You can watch this course in your own pace and enjoy life-long access

Available on all devices

Stream online on your smartphone, tablet, or PC - no download needed

Access to the SAMI Instructor Community

Connect with other students and Peter Weckauf in our members-only Facebook group

Course content

This course teaches you all the tools and techniques to defend yourself in case you get attacked on the street.

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Accordion Content

Meet your instructor: Peter Weckauf

So far, not many have had access to this original martial art. Now you can get an insight. As an Instructor of SAMICS Axe Concept, you will be an exotic specialist for something, of what many people have been dreaming of since childhood.

Peter Weckauf has trained special forces from the United States, Germany, France, Austria, Bahrein, Slovakia, and Thailand. Governments around the world rely on his expertise.

Train with a world-class instructor

Learn the techniques professionals use and benefit from Peter Weckauf's 20 years experience in combat training

Become a licensed SAMI Combat Systems® concept instructor

As a SAMI instructor you can give classes, train with students, make money and build a passive income stream.

Proven Results

97% of our students are very satisfied with their purchase. That's why we also offer a 14-days money-back guarantee.

Ralf Göde
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This course builds on our natural protective instincts and the short lectures are the basis for fast learning progress and success. The techniques learned in this course can be also applied in other marial art concepts (EBC, gun training). Overall a very convincing course and a great training methodology.
Pablo Perez
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A few months a go, I was attacked in a park by a stranger. Since then I'm always feeling uncomfortable alone on the street during nighttime. In my online research I came across this course. Peter does a great job teaching useful techniques and strategies to defend against the most common attacks. I can definitely recommend the course.
Thomas Miller
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Easy to follow and useful course. It's a great way to learn self-defense if you don't want to or can't join a in-person self-defense seminar.
Raphael Baumann
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A course that is easy to follow and teaches you on-point the relevant techniques. This was exactly what I was looking for. I enjoy the convenience of online learning, because my job requires a lot of traveling and therefore I don't have the time to attend an in-person seminar at a martial arts school.


Get the complete online self-defense training course that will help you to defend yourself against the top #10 attacks on the street.

Limited Time offer


for life-long access

An investment in your safety

In this complete course you will learn all the important techniques, strategies, training methods and backgrounds of this fascinating martial art. After completing the course and passing the exam, you will have the tools to hold your own courses and seminars under the SAMI flag. Everything in the course is explained in detail and practically demonstrated so that you can easily follow the content even as a beginner.

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