Thank you for your purchase! Enjoy your training at

Your next steps to get started. Please read this to get all the information you need to train with us.

1. Click on the link in the email with your ticket. It should look like this.

2. We also send you a reminder email on the day of the event, there you will also find the link to the event. Please also make sure to check your SPAM or JUNK E-Mail Folders!

3. Please check the event page! (the page where you clicked to buy the ticket). When you have a valid ticket, you should see this screen. If it does not look like this (the red buttons so that you can attend the live training), please contact us via live chat.

4. Log in to your account. On the left side of the page you see a calendar icon. Click on it to get to the “My trainings” page. There you see all upcoming event for which you have a valid ticket. Click on the red button “Watch the live training”.

I bought a ticket for a Live Coaching

If you bought a ticket for a live coaching, please download ZOOM to get started. You can download ZOOM here. We use ZOOM as coaching system, so that your instructor can see you! Afterwards, please also follow the instructions above, you will find additional information on the page after you clicked the “Click here to watch the live training” Button.

Help, I can’t find my ticket or I didn’t get any emails. What should I do?

Please contact us via email with a short description of your problem. You can also contact us via live chat. Just click on the speech bubble icon on the bottom-right side of the website.
It’s best to contact us a couple hours or days before the event starts if you don’t find the link to join the live training or coaching session.

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