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All our concepts are real-word tested and used daily by civilians as well as police and special forces world-wide.

Peter Weckauf

Meet your instructor: Peter Weckauf

90% of all attacks follow the same pattern. In this comprehensive online training we analyzed the most common mistakes and show you the most effective techniques to defend yourself against an attack. Peter Weckauf has trained special forces from the United States, Germany, France, Austria, Bahrein, Slovakia, and Thailand. Governments around the world rely on his expertise.

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Our concepts

We offer a wide range of training concepts: weapon-based systems, open-hand-based systems and goal-oriented systems.

SAMI-X-PRO (Kapap) Concept

Is a combat system for professional use solo or in a team, concentrating on law enforcement and proportional use of force.

Knife Fighting Concept

Is a martial art, in which the defense against all types of cutting and stabbing weapons as well as the handling of the short blade is trained.

Stick Fighting Concept

Is a system, in which fighting and defense with the stick is taught in one-handed and two-handed use.

Krav maga Concept

Is an effective self-defense system, that builds on natural instincts and can be quickly learned as an emergency program for everyone.

Women Self-Defense

Is a self-defense system that takes into account the physical and mental prerequisites and also the particular threat scenarios of girls and women.

Panantukan concept

Is one of the most comprehensive free-fight systems, which is not subject to any rules and can optimally develop physical and mental skills.

S.D.S. Concept

Modern defense-based combat concept that is specifically designed for real-life self-defense. Learn the most efficient methods possible to avoid, defuse, confront and neutralize both armed and unarmed assailants.

Kid's and youth self-defense

Is a self-defense/self-assertion system that helps children and adolescents to act safely and confidently in challenging situations and to react properly in an emergency.

Axe fighting (Tomahawk) Concept

Is a martial art in which the aesthetic side as well as the realistic use of this martial and historical weapon is the focus.

EBC (Expandable Baton Concept)

A system developed for practical use for professionals. Our concept focuses on compliance with the legal framework.

Laser Pistol Training

SAMI-X PRO Laser Pistol Training - the training program for weapon users! Train with us and learn like the experts!


This new, modular-based program draws its curriculum from both SAMICS Front-Line (Police, Military, Security) and Civilian COMBATIVE systems.

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