Instructor video submission guidelines

Dear SAMI-Instructors,

thanks for being part of our new online training and coaching platform In order to offer our customers a consistent high-quality training experience, we would like to give you some recommendations:

Prerecorded videos for live training session

Technical specifications:
preferred: 1920×1080 pixel (1080p) with 30fps (frames per second)
alternative: 1280×720 pixel (720p) with 30fps (frames per second)
Format: mp4
Bitrate: 10-12 Mbit/s for 1080p, 6 MBit/s for 720p

General recommendations:

  • Film in a space with enough light. Ideally, you have a lot of natural light. The light should not come from behind you, but from behind the camera.
  • If you record with your mobile phone, don’t use the selfie-camera, use the front camera. As you can’t see the screen during recording, ask another person to stand in front of the camera so that you can find the best camera angle. You can also use tape to mark the corners of the camera view.
  • Good audio quality is really important. If possible, use an external microphone. Maybe you have wireless headphones (e.g. Apple AirPods) that have an built-in microphone and can be connected to your smartphone of computer. If not, try to avoid recording in a room with a lot of echo and speak loud and clearly.

If you have any questions regarding your live training or live coaching session, feel free to contact us via email ( or live-chat anytime.

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