Live Training Sessions

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4 steps to your SAMI Live Training

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What is SAMI Live Training?

SAMI Live Trainings are online training classes, that you can use for your training from home, on vacation or in the office with many others at the same time. The online training is adapted to our new lifestyle and you can join from anywhere in the world. Our training classes and courses are designed to meet your schedule and let YOU decide when to train. Are you missing a class? No problem! You can also find all of our live courses in our on-demand area.

Why SAMI Live Training?

Train with your entire family or use the training for children and adults. Our classes are offered according to levels, fitness level and duration and are constantly being expanded. You can use the online training as an additional training option and get closer to your goals faster or you can simply use it to train with us. This means that our online training has real added value for its participants.

For many it is a real challenge to get into a studio. With SAMI LIVE TRAINING you can now train with us at home,  anonymously and without fear.

You can now use our training from the remotest corners of the world and enjoy SAMI systems.

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