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Our new online self-defense course with Peter Weckauf

You want to know what to do when somebody attacks you on the street? Then join the course and Peter Weckauf will teach you the best techniques against the 10 most common attacks on the street.

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This course includes Peter's accumulated knowledge of over 20 years working as a self-defense instructor.

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25 lessons with the best techniques, suitable for both beginners and advanced students

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This course teaches you all the tools and techniques to defend yourself in case you get attacked on the street.

What is self defense and why is it important?
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Course Overview
Basic Techniques
Basic techniques (stance, communication & de-escalation position, high guard)
Keeping Distance
The universal Cover
Hard Push
Kick to the Groin
Defense against a roundhouse punch
Defense against a straight punch
Defense against a wide hook
Cover-push combination
Cover-push-kick combination
Cover-elbow combination
Cover-hammer fist combination
Top 10 Attacks
Attack #1: Push with both hands against a wall
Attack #2: Strong push with both hands
Attack #3: Roundhouse punch to the head
Attack #4: Shirt/jacket grab and punch to the head
Attack #5: Shirt/jacket grab with both hands and press against wall
Attack #6: Shirt/jacket grab and headbutt
Attack #7: Attack with an object (e.g. bottle)
Attack #8: Kick to the groin
Attack #9: Headlock to bring the victim down on the ground
Attack #10: Straight punch with both hands up (boxing pose)
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Peter Weckauf

Meet your instructor: Peter Weckauf

90% of all attacks follow the same pattern. In this comprehensive online training we analyzed the most common mistakes and show you the most effective techniques to defend yourself against an attack.

Peter Weckauf has trained special forces from the United States, Germany, France, Austria, Bahrein, Slovakia, and Thailand. Governments around the world rely on his expertise.

Train with a world-class instructor

Learn the techniques professionals use and benefit from Peter Weckauf's 20 years experience in combat training

Train a SAMI Combat Systems® concept

All SAMI concepts are easy to learn, highly effective and can be trained alone or with a partner

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97% of our students are very satisfied with their purchase. That's why we also offer a 14-days money-back guarantee.

Ralf Göde
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This course builds on our natural protective instincts and the short lectures are the basis for fast learning progress and success. The techniques learned in this course can be also applied in other marial art concepts (EBC, gun training). Overall a very convincing course and a great training methodology.
Pablo Perez
Read More
A few months a go, I was attacked in a park by a stranger. Since then I'm always feeling uncomfortable alone on the street during nighttime. In my online research I came across this course. Peter does a great job teaching useful techniques and strategies to defend against the most common attacks. I can definitely recommend the course.
Thomas Miller
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Easy to follow and useful course. It's a great way to learn self-defense if you don't want to or can't join a in-person self-defense seminar.
Raphael Baumann
Read More
A course that is easy to follow and teaches you on-point the relevant techniques. This was exactly what I was looking for. I enjoy the convenience of online learning, because my job requires a lot of traveling and therefore I don't have the time to attend an in-person seminar at a martial arts school.


Get the complete online self-defense training course that will help you to defend yourself against the top #10 attacks on the street.

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4 out of 5 men get at least one in their life attacked on the street. In most cases, these fights end with broken noses, scars, bone fractures or worse.  With the SAMI Self-Defense course we teach you everything you need to know to defend yourself against an attacker.

In the comprehensive course we cover the basic techniques (correct standing position and cover) and all defensive moves in real-life scenarios. In addition, we should you how you can trained the learned techniques at home, either alone or with a training partner. 

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