Women Self-Defense

Our new course with Irmi Weckauf-Hanzal

All you need to know, when somebody assaults or attacks you

Learn how to de-escalate and flee from a situation

Attain techniques to handle harassment at the office & home

Being attacked can happen to anyone, any time

Nearly every woman goes through harassment, offense or physical attack at least once in her life.  To get sensibilized means to be well prepared to such situations.  In many cases, the attacker is not a stranger from the street. It could be your boss, your boyfriend or a family member. 
Knowing the appropriate defense against all sorts of harassment and physical attacks, could make a key difference in your life. So get prepared now by joining our new online self-defense courses.


you should not have to worry about...

facing an attack

nearly every woman makes the experience of being harassed, offended or attacked at least once in her life. We teach you how to anticipate attacks and de-escalate.

making mistakes

Many people get overwhelmed by the situation and don't know what to do. You will learn how to behave and which techniques to apply in case of an attack.

getting injured

In most cases, attacks end not only with physic damage but also emotional damage. You will learn how to defend yourself, that you don't come into this situation.

What you get

This course includes Irmi's accumulated knowledge of over 20 years working as a Self Defense Instructor and expert for Women's Self Assertion

Over 135+ minutes Runtime

Lessons with the best tipps, techniques and strategies, suitable for beginners and experienced women & girls

Learn Anytime, everywhere

You can watch this course in your own pace and enjoy life-long access

Available on all devices

Stream online on your smartphone, tablet, or PC - no download needed

Access to the SAMI online Community

Connect with other students and with Irmi Weckauf-Hanzal, find more topics in Self Defense and SAMI Combat Systems

Course Content


  • What is self defense and why is it important?
  • The 5 ‘A’ emergency plan
  • The 5 biggest myths


  • Body language and posture
  • The power of your voice
  • The right distance
  • How to flee correctly
  • Protection – Universal Cover
  • Weak points – where to attack



  • Open-hand slap
  • The hammerfist punch
  • The kick to the groin
  • The knee strike
  • The headbutt

Attack scenarios

  1. Being chased
  2. Kidnapping – escape
  3. Harassment 1 – while jogging
  4. Harassment 2 – while sitting (manspreading)
  5. Harassment 3 – at work
  6. Harassment 4 – at the bar
  7. Attack in the car
  8. Attack at the door
  9. Attack at the parking lot
  10. Attack with a bear hug
  11. Attack with a choke
  12. Domestic Violence – pulling the hair
  13. Domestic Violence – beating

Meet your instructor: Irmi Weckauf-Hanzal

Nearly every woman goes through a harassment, offense or physical attack at least once in her life. To get sensibilized means to be well prepared to such situations Irmi Weckauf-Hanzal shares her whole experience in Self Defense and professional coaching with Women and Girls from all over the world. Together with Peter Weckauf, she has been teaching SAMI Combat Systems to numbers of civilians but also to professionals in the various subject areas such as Justice, Medical, Social Institutions.

Train with a world-class instructor

As an educationalist and systemic coach Irmi will let you participate of her 20years experience in working in women's empowerment and Self Defense.

Train a SAMI Combat Systems® concept

All SAMI concepts are easy to learn, highly effective and can be trained alone or with a partner

Proven Results

97% of our students are very satisfied with their purchase. That's why we also offer a 14-days money-back guarantee.

Ralf Göde
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This course builds on our natural protective instincts and the short lectures are the basis for fast learning progress and success. The techniques learned in this course can be also applied in other marial art concepts (EBC, gun training). Overall a very convincing course and a great training methodology.
Pablo Perez
Read More
A few months a go, I was attacked in a park by a stranger. Since then I'm always feeling uncomfortable alone on the street during nighttime. In my online research I came across this course. Peter does a great job teaching useful techniques and strategies to defend against the most common attacks. I can definitely recommend the course.
Thomas Miller
Read More
Easy to follow and useful course. It's a great way to learn self-defense if you don't want to or can't join a in-person self-defense seminar.
Raphael Baumann
Read More
A course that is easy to follow and teaches you on-point the relevant techniques. This was exactly what I was looking for. I enjoy the convenience of online learning, because my job requires a lot of traveling and therefore I don't have the time to attend an in-person seminar at a martial arts school.


Get the complete online self-defense course that will help you to deal with the most common situations, that could occur to women & girls.

Limited Time offer


for life-long access

An investment in your safety

Nearly every woman makes the experience of being a victim of harressment, offense or attack at least once in her life. In some countries the statistics of being raped speak their own language. With this Women self-defense course we want to reach out to girls and women, who do not have the possibility to go to a regularly self-defense class, but need some tools and tricks for their appearance as a strong and badass woman, that knows how to fight back, in case it is necessary. In this course, we cover the basics of how to empower women, build up self-esteem that can be felt by everyone around you and of course an emergency plan, that can save your life! In addition, we show you how you can train the techniques at home, either alone or with a training partner.

Course rating (4.7/5):

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